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Kenyan sand boa - sexing

Finding the sex of Kenyan sand boas is not difficult. The difference between males and females is quite easy to see. It takes a little practice, especially with Kenayn sand boa babies, but having enough practice and few sand boas to compare it is not that difficult to figure out based just on visual inspection which one of the snakes is a male and which one is a female.

The main difference between the males and females is the length and shape of the tail. Males seem to have longer and rounder tails, while females have chubbier but shorter and more tapered tails. The tail of a male will be rounder and closer to being the same diameter throughout it's length, and the distance from the cloaca to the tip of the tail will be greater for males than the females. Also, males have larger anal spurs in comparison to females. Kenayn sand boas spurs are small, in comparison to other snakes, so this can be difficult to see, especially when inspecting babies.

Below is a comparison of adult Kenayan sand boa male and female.

 Kenyan sand boa morphs

Another way of finding out the sex of the Kenyan sand boas is probing. It is a difficult task with tiny babies though, but it works well with adults. Personally, while probing is the only way with many other snake species, I find it not necessary with Kenyan sand boas. A bit of practice and visual inspection should be enough to be sure of the sex of your Kenyan sand boa.

The last point when inspecting adults is their size. Females grow much larger than males, so when you have a Kenyan sand boa which is lomger than 20 inches - you can be sure it's a female.

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