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Kenyan sand boa - about us

This site is a privetly owned website dedicated to the propagation of the antaresia snake species. These are perfect in my opinion pet snakes - small, tame, easy to keep and charming, a perfect combination for a great snake friend!

I encourage captive breeding of these snakes. Every snake born in captivity is one less snake taken form the wild. I hope you will support captive breeding of snakes for their protection in their natural habitat!

I am currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I breed:   Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Children's pythons, blood pythons, Spotted pythons, ball pythons, Kenyan sand boas, Dumeril's boas, rosy boas and selected colubrids.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a snake! All snakes offered for sale are always well started and feeding. My snakes are famous for being tame !

For currently available snakes please visit my Available Snakes page.

You can contact me by email at webmaster@antaresia.com.

Have a good day !

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