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Kenyan sand boa - babies

Kenyan sand boa babies are pretty small, but quite robust. They are ready for their lives a day after being born.

Baby Kenyan sand boas

Baby Kenyan sand boas

Unlike other snake babies, the Kenyan sand boa new borns are ready to eat just a week after being born. They can be started on dead small pinkies. Some will refuse them though, and should be offered live pinkie mice. The preffered feeding time is night for them. The small pinkie mice should be left in their enclosure overnight. They can't harm the little snakes, because they don't have teeth yet.

The enclosure should be heated on one end by an undertank heating pad. The other end should be cool. The temperatures should be about 95 F on the hot end, and 75 - 80 F on the cold end.

The Kenyan sand boas should be always given a small dish with clean water.

Usually, the Kenyan sand boas are tame snakes, but occasionally some individuals can be nippy. It is good to start handling them on a regular basis since they are born - it will help to make them into a nice adult sand boas.

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 Kenyan sand boas

2006 babies, very large, well started and all eating ! Only 8 left !

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